About Neoteny Books

something magical HAPPENS when You OPEN a picture book.


As you turn each page, your sense of wonder is reawakened. A good picture book whispers to the child inside of you. It catches you with your guard down and helps you listen again. Get curious again. Hope again. Ache and trust and fail again. A picture book captures the sacred place within you that will never grow old, but only deepen.

That’s why Neoteny Books was born: to bring the world books that stoke the fire of the curious child within all of us, while retaining the wisdom of experience and the gravity and depth of the difficult things we face.

We want to bring the world books that give us the courage to talk about hard things in beautiful ways. Books that heal, that speak peace and kindness; helping the grown-up heart to wonder and wish, and the child’s heart listen and learn. Books that welcome children to grow wise, and invite the wise to change and become like children.

Neoteny Books are deep enough for kids, but made for everyone.

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Mary Jo Burchard

Co-Owner, Director of Business Operations

Mary Jo lives with her husband, son, and dog in Virginia Beach, VA. She’s ┬áthe founder of Concord Leader (Concord Solutions, LLC), an organization that’s focused on building strong, humane leaders and organizations.

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Leanna Zeibak

Co-Owner, Director of Marketing

Leanna lives with her husband and two dogs in Yakima, WA. When she’s not illustrating, painting pet portraits, or working at the Larson art gallery, she’s in the kitchen perfecting her bagel recipe.